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Description: Herobrine Terror 7 is the latest in the Herobrine Terror series and is a Minecraft horror game of sorts. It brings together the gameplay of Slenderman and the legend of Herobrine. An interactive creepy pasta type of game, Herobrine Terror 7 gives you the task of finding all 8 notes in order to escape the Citadel, a once peaceful place, but now Herobrine haunts the city's streets. Minecraft fans familiar with the legend of Herobrine, haunting people's Minecraft games with tunnels and moved blocks will appreciate the mash up with Slenderman here. A creepy game that aims to scare, is Herobrine Terror 7 any good? Read on to find out.

How it Works: Before you can enjoy the scary fun, you'll have to download Herobrine Terror 7 from the Play Store, then you're ready to play.


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As this is a horror game, there's no fuzzy tutorial here, you're simply given an ominous introduction into the game.

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When placed in the Citadel, you move around using the two analogue sticks, much like you would on an Xbox controller and you have to explore the Citadel in order to find the 8 pages and escape the city.

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Just as it is with Slenderman, the aim of the game is to collect the 8 pages in order to escape the evil Herobrine and complete the game.


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If you don't collect the pages, Herobrine will follow you until it's game over!

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Opinion: As an avid Minecraft player and fan – I've been playing since the Beta versions – I can definitely appreciate the Herobrine legend and I've watched my fair share of creepy pastas involving Herobrine on YouTube. Bringing this sort of game to Android is a really cool idea, the Slenderman games have been scaring people for a long time now, and Herobrine fits in excellently with this style of play. There's something a Minecraft fan will really love from this type of game and there's a whole series out there to take a look at, too. It is however, a shame that the execution needs a lot of work, the core gameplay is there, but higher-resolution assets and better controls are sorely needed. Still, I had fun running for my life from Herobrine and other Minecraft fans will as well.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything ran great here, and there's more than enough game on offer here to keep people hunting for the pages.
  • Features (4/5) – A great take on the Slenderman type of games, Herobrine Terror 7 (and other games in the series) have a lot going for them.
  • Theme (3/5) – The one thing that really lets the game down, higher-resolution assets and better controls are needed to make this stand out.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite the low-fi graphics, Herobrine Terror 7 is a fun little game that's free and easy to get into. Minecraft fans that want a little more Herobrine to go with their Slenderman will really appreciate this, too.


  • Easy to get into, there's nothing too complicated about Herobrine Terror 7.
  • A great use of the iconic Herobrine figure that all Minecraft fans will have heard of at least once.
  • Free to play, with a good amount of content on offer.
  • Herobrine Terror 7, and the other Herobrine Terror titles, are great for Minecraft fans who also like horror survival games.


  • Low-resolution graphics really let the look and feel of the game down, but it is still a lot of fun.
  • Awkward controls – a way to adjust sensitivity would be a nice touch.

Conclusion: Herobrine Terror 7 is definitely a fun game, and while the graphics aren't great, the gameplay is spot on. With some creepy sound effects going on in the background, this is essentially a Minecraft version of Slenderman, and there's nothing wrong with that, not really. Everyone has to start somewhere, and the Herobrine Terror games have been getting better and better, with some higher-resolution graphics, things would look a lot better. For a free game though, there's not too much to complain about and you Minecraft fans – like myself – will enjoy this regardless.


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