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Description: As customizing our Android devices becomes more and more common, it's no surprise that there's an ever-increasing amount of great Icon Packs available. Viby is one of them and features over 2100 icons, which are all 192×192 high-res, with 68 wallpapers to match. The icons have a dark, yet colorful look to them and work great with the new KitKat theme Google introduced last year. A refreshing look for whichever device you're going to use these icons with, Viby even includes an easy-to-use Dashboard app to apply icons and download wallpapers.

How it Works: As with any Icon Pack, you'll first need to be running a launcher that supports Icon Packs and that is supported by Viby, which supports Apex, Solo, Nova and more. If you're content with the stock launch of your device but want to use these icons, you can use the Unicon Xposed Module as I do. Once you've downloaded Viby from the Play Store, you can take a look at the icons in the Viby app.


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From the Viby app, you can apply the icons to your homescreen and take a look at other icon packs as well as the included wallpapers. I like the look of them on my G Pad.

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One thing you're guaranteed to get with Viby is a uniform look that has some flare to it, giving your device a coherent look and feel to it.

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To really get the look though, you'll want to pick from one of the great included wallpapers from the Viby app.



Opinion: I was a little skeptical of the overall black theme at first, but then I tried it out on my own devices and I can see what the dev was going for here, and it really works. The black icon mask that sits behind the icons makes sure that all icons fit in with the theme even if they're somehow not included in the vast 2100+ icons that come with Viby. The dark theme has some good color with it as well, and I definitely didn't feel like my device was suddenly a "dark" one, in fact I found that my G Pad felt a little more colorful and that my Nexus 5 had an icon theme that matched the darker theme of KitKat but bought with it a little splash of color as well.


  • Speed (4/5) – The Viby app works well and the only real hiccups are downloading the app and wallpapers over a slow connection.
  • Features (5/5) – With 2140 or so icons and 68 wallpapers to choose from, as well as an app for easy setup, there's little more anyone can ask for with Viby.
  • Theme (5/5) – The darker icons with the subdued colors are a real nice change from the mismatch of icons we often have on our devices, and these will definitely give you a uniform look and feel while also refreshing your smartphone or tablet.
  • Overall (5/5) – Viby has enough icons to cover pretty much every popular app and the wallpapers are great, too. What's not to love here?


  • Viby app offers ease of use to those new to icon packs and a logical way to apply wallpapers.
  • Vast majority of popular apps are covered by Viby and really give your device a uniform look and feel.
  • The 68 wallpapers on offer really work well with the icons and will appeal to those looking for a little color or great backdrops for widget arrangements.
  • Even offers Zooper themes for that extra touch.


  • Wallpapers can take a very long time to load depending on your connection.
  • Black theme might not be for everyone, but there are other packs from this dev.

Conclusion: Viby is an excellent icon pack and one that offers a genuinely uniform look and feel for your devices and doesn't have many holes in terms of apps as there are 2140 or so icons included in the pack. The 68 wallpapers help further extend this look and feel and it all comes together in an icon pack that will suit any phone or tablet thanks to the 192×192 resolution and it's not too expensive at all. Definitely one for the themers out there.



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