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Description: Save for Vine Pro (as the title suggests) is an Android application designed to save Vine videos to your device so that you can enjoy watching them over and over again, without having to go and find the original post again. Not only that, but you can also use Save for Vine to like, favorite and comment on videos as well as browse through popular Vine videos. Save for Vine works like a Vine app would, you just log in with your vine account and you can start downloading Vines as well as spending time on the network as normal.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download Save for Vine to your smartphone or tablet and then log in with your Vine account as normal, using your email address.



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Once you've logged in with your Vine account, you'll be given a look at some popular Vines right now.


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You can take a look at one of these Vines and leave a comment or download the Vine to your device to be able to read it later on.

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You can easily save a Vine to watch later by hitting the download button. The adjacent buttons allow you to upload, like and reshare, too.

Opinion: Save for Vine, unlike other similar apps, allows you to not only download and save funny Vines you like, but also engage in the community as well, which is important for these types of apps. Rather than simply downloading something somebody else has put work into producing, you can leave a comment, reshare it and engage. This is also a great app for viewing popular Vines as well, even if the UI doesn't look great on a tablet, the videos do and they take up a large portion of the display, making Save for Vine a fun way to view Views as well.


  • Speed (4/5) – Save for Vine runs well and there were no issues when using the app on a number of devices.
  • Features (4/5) – It not only allows you to save Vines, but engage with fellow users of the service, encouraging people to create their own stuff.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – The pastel green is in keeping with the Vine theme, but the large fonts really don't look all that great on tablets.
  • Overall (4/5) – All-in-all, Save for Vine is a decent app that does what it sets out to do and more.


  • Encourages users to like, reshare and comment on videos, rather than just downloading videos.
  • Easy to setup and use – just log in with your existing Vine account.
  • Great way to view popular Vine videos as well as offering all the other features.
  • Works just as intended, allowing you to keep some of your favorite videos – just remember to leave users a nice comment.


  • Doesn't look very good on tablets.
  • Could do with a clearer way of getting to saved Vines.

Conclusion: Save for Vine is a good app for those interested in the video sharing service, not only does it allow the download of Vines, but it also works as a good viewer and way to like and comment on other Vines. While it doesn't look too good on tablets, it works well on phones, and you only need to log in with the same Vine account as you normally would, which makes the whole process nice and smooth. A simple and easy way to download Vines as well as browse for new favorites, Save for Vine is easy to use and just works.



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