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Description: Photo Resizer HD for Android is an application that aims to do exactly what you think its title suggests, to resize HD photos into something more manageable. These days, our smartphones are capable of taking higher resolution images than many of our cameras just a few years ago might have been able to. With 4G bandwidth not available everywhere, it can take a long time to upload these high-resolution, and large image files. This is where Photo Resizer HD comes in, as it allows you to quickly and easily resize an image – or multiple images – to something more manageable. Perfect for the internet, as well as sending to friends when there's no 4G – or even 3G a lot of the time. Read on to see how we liked Photo Resizer HD.

How it Works: First off, you'll need to download Photo Resizer HD from the Play Store. When you launch the app, you're asked to choose an image from your gallery or change some of the settings of the app.


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Some of the settings are well worth adjusting before you get stuck into using the app, as they will often determine the file size, such as the JPEG quality.

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When you select a photo from your gallery, you can see a number of icons just above a preview image of it. Each one of these allows you to do something different, such as crop or rotate.

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Crop and rotate are pretty self-explanatory, but the resize button is the one with the double-ended arrows is the resizing function, which is the main feature of the entire app. When you hit this, you're given a number of common sizes, and the ability to input your own custom size.


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Thanks to Android, and Photo Resizer HD being coded to use it, you can easily share a resized image to wherever you like. Including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Another great feature of the app is the ability to resize more than one photo at a time. All you need to do is to select the photos you want to resize in your gallery app and then share them to Photo Resizer HD.

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Once you share them to the app, you'll see the number of photos you shared as well as some quick options like size and quality to create more manageable images out of them.

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Once you've chosen your settings, the batch of photos you selected will be exported just like any other.


Opinion: Photo Resizer HD isn't the most imaginatively named app out there, nor is it the best-looking, but it serves the purpose it sets out to do and it does so quickly, without any hassle. A lot of the time, uploading an image to Facebook or something similar, can be a real pain, as it takes a long time for apps to upload them when you have a poor data connection. With Photo Resizer HD, you can speed things up (and save on your data allowance) by resizing them first, and you can even make quick edits like cropping and flipping. A great app for those with poor internet speeds, this does what it sets out to do.


  • Speed (4/5) – Photo Resizer HD is a speedy app and there are no issues waiting for things to load, and resizing images speeds up uploads to social media as well.
  • Features (3/5) – Some extra editing tools would be nice, but this does do exactly what it sets out to do, and there's a good amount of presets on offer for those that're unsure.
  • Theme (4/5) – Built using stock Android guidelines, there's not much to write home about here, but there's very little to complain about, either.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – A simple and easy app to use, Photo Resizer HD can help save on your data allowance, as well as target photos for whatever you're doing online.


  • Photo Resizer HD is simple and easy to use, which is great for those with little knowledge when it comes to images.
  • Lots of presets already included for ease of use and speedy operation.
  • Some advanced features like sharpening and compression are included.
  • Doesn't try too hard to be anything other than what it sets out to be.


  • Could do with some extra photo editing capabilities to be an all-in-one type of thing.
  • Presets for specific social media networks would be great.

Conclusion: Photo Resizer HD might not be the best-looking or best-featured app out there, but it is solid and reliable. It works well, and doesn't throw any surprises your way, which makes this a reliable little app to keep installed. Many parts of Europe and Asia don't even have reliable 3G networks, let alone LTE, so saving on data wherever possible is a big deal, and can speed things up a lot when using 2G data networks. A solid app that avid mobile photographers should take a look at for those quick resizing and scaling needs while on the go.


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