Sponsored App Review: GO Locker 3


Description: From the great GO Dev Team comes the latest version of GO Locker, version 3.0. This latest version of the Android lockscreen replacement has been updated and revamped to include more useful settings and features for users of the replacement app. With a minimal and pleasing look, GO Locker 3 features a slide-out panel system that will unlock your device one way and show you common settings and your favorite apps on the other. It's a great new lockscreen from the people behind the popular GO Launcher, but is it the one for you? Read on as we take a closer look.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download GO Locker 3 from the Play Store, and then get everything set up.



One of the first settings that you'll want to change is the notifications settings, which will allow messages and alerts to be shown on your lockscreen.

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When you have your settings all configured, you'll be able to see your lockscreen at work. Notifications are easily laid out for you to see and you can simple swipe to the left to get rid of them or swipe to the right to open that specific app, like your SMS app.

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You can change the wallpaper of your lockscreen whenever you want and there's a good selection included in the app, but you can easily add your own custom ones.


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While GO Locker 3 is a good-looking app, it's also a useful one. As well as display your notifications on your lockscrren, you can swipe to the right to get access to quick settings and your favorite apps. Go Locker 3 is smart, and it will learn which apps you use the most over time, so this list will change over time the more you use GO Locker.



This smart feature is easily one of the better features of GO Locker and will help you get to your favorite apps much quicker in the future. As well as being smart, GO Locker V3.0 is also secure, offering you a range of secure options with which to unlock your device.

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Don't forget, there's also a lot of themes on offer for GO Locker as well, but not all of them will work properly with the new version 3.0.


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Opinion: I've tried a number of lockscreen replacements over the years, and a lot of them are mature enough to have a whole raft of themes to choose from as well as some excellent settings. However, a lot of them require lots of work to get them up and running out of the box. With GO Locker 3 though, there's no need to wrestle with awkward settings or anything in order to get a good-looking lockscreen in a few minutes. I like the soft and subtle look that GO Locker comes with and of course, there are lots of themes out there to try out as well as other apps from the GO Dev Team that work well with GO Locker, like the Slide Out Panel.


  • Speed (4/5) – I had no issues with performance with GO Locker and it didn't have any adverse effects on my device.
  • Features (5/5) – With the ability to fine tune your notifications and get simple access to your favorite apps and settings from one screen, GO Locker 3 is the best version yet.
  • Theme (4/5) – The subtle theme included is nice, and there are a lot of other themes available, but some of these themes are free to download but cost to activate.
  • Overall (4/5) – An excellent alternative to the boring lockscreens our Android devices ship with these days, GO Locker is definitely worth taking a look at, even if you've tried previous versions before.


  • Works well without needing too much setup.
  • Easy access to settings like WiFi and Bluetooth are quicker than the included Android method.
  • Handles notifications in a good-looking and functional way.
  • Doesn't disrupt the way you use your device, it just works.


  • Ability to hide statusbar would help accentuate GO Locker's new minimal theme.
  • Some themes are "Free" but then ask for an in-app purchase to actually use them, but this isn't necessarily the Go Dev Team's fault.

Conclusion: GO Locker 3 is easily the best version of their lockscreen replacement yet, and it has a grown up feel to it that feels complete and polished. With lots of handy features on offer for casual and power users alike, GO Locker can help you get things done quicker and easier with the easy settings toggles and favorite app lists. There's no shortage of themes for GO Locker and there's bound to be something for everyone, but the default theme is nice enough and you can pick whatever wallpaper you want for it. A great lockscreen replacement all round, GO Locker 3 is definitely worth looking at.