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Description: Emulator Games Database for Android is a way of finding those retro games from your childhood history or just to discover previous entries in series that you've just discovered. The app features a full list of games for 27 systems including classics like the Atari 2600, the recently-turned 25 Game Boy and of course, the Super Nintendo. With games from all over the world, including those rare titles from Japan that never made their way West, this is a great app to find what you're looking for. You can even find out names of emulators to play the games on your smartphone or tablet. In order to comply with Google's terms and conditions for the Play Store, this is simply a database and a way to get more info on the game, rather than being able to download the actual ROMs.

How it Works: You'll need to download Emulator Games Database from the Play Store, and then choose a system to find games for it. There are 27 systems to choose from, which is obviously a good amount to choose from.

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Once you've chosen your system you can sort through games by letter or number and then see a list of them all.

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So, for instance, after the news of the new Pokemon games we could take a look at the original Pokemon Ruby, you can even see it in Japanese, which is very useful if you're learning the language.


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As we said about, you can't download the ROM using this app, but searching for more info will find you results very helpful.


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Opinion: As somebody who grew up with a Game Boy and a Sega Mega Drive, I know just how much fun these older games can be. Introducing your own children to these games is a lot of fun, as is rediscovering them yourself. There will always be games that you wanted to buy on the Game Boy Advance but never got round to, so with such a well featured list of games available here, you can track those titles down. Not being able to directly download ROMs is a little annoying, but the keywords used to search Google will get you some easy to deal with search results and if it means the app stays above board legally, then that's fine.


  • Speed (4/5) – Emulator Games Database is a speedy app that definitely won't keep you waiting around to get the info you want.
  • Features (4/5) – Might feel a little limited, but it needs to be in order to stay legal, finding ROMs with the app isn't difficult at all in the long run.
  • Theme (3/5) – A decent enough looking app, there's not much to say here, but ads are quite intrusive.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – A simple app that tells you about the games from past systems and directs you to Google, this is an app that works well enough for those that know what they're doing.


  • Easy enough to use, with quick loading times.
  • Works well on tablets as well as it does on smartphones – which is what most people play these games on anyway.
  • Keywords used to search Google prove to be very successful, indeed.
  • Games can be sorted by genre as well as system.


  • Can't download ROMs through this app – but this is to stay legal.
  • Short description of the games would be nice.

Conclusion: Ultimately, it's a shame that Emulator Games Database can't download games to your device, but it doesn't pretend to be anything more than a database. As databases go, this is a good one and will make it nice and easy to find some of the best games on the 27 systems included in the database. Even if you can't download games to your device, a quick Google search is all you'll ever need in order to download the game. A simple app that fulfills what it sets out to do, Emulator Games Database is a great app for retro game lovers all over the place.



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