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Description: Up until very recently, battery life on Android has been a real problem for users of the smartphone platform and while things have gotten a lot better, it's still difficult to get the most out of your battery. Of course, we all know this is because Android is a true multi-tasking platform and is arguably a lot more powerful than others, but battery life still remains its biggest weakness. DU Battery Saver aims to get the most out of your battery and help you tailor the experience to your needs, so you get the features you need the most out of your device without letting other apps or services swallow up your battery life. With easy widgets and a smart mode, DU Battery Saver allows you to change modes quickly and easily as well as toggle things like WiFi and Bluetooth right from your homescreen.

How it Works: First thing's first, you'll need to download DU Battery Saver from the Play Store, once you've done that you'll be greeted with an intro of sorts, that tells you what DU Battery Saver can do for you.


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Once you've gone through the intro, you'll be given a look at the status of your battery right now.

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From there, you can start to change the mode used to make the most of your battery and more. Hitting the saver icon will let you choose from a number of different modes as well as create your own, too.

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Creating your own mode is a nice touch, and you can even name this. I would create a mode that cuts out non-essential things like WiFi and such when I go to play pool so that I have enough battery to make it through the night in case anything happens on my way home.


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You can use widgets on your homescreen to quickly get a boost from your battery as well as monitor the percentage and toggle things like WiFi and Bluetooth.

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There's even a nifty notification widget included as well.

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Opinion: I've tried out a number of battery saving apps over the years, and what I've found is that it's more about giving users easier control over what is using their battery, more than it is some magic sauce that makes your battery last longer. Here, DU Battery Saver does just that and gives users an easy way to tweak their battery usage to what they need and when. If we have a charger nearby, we can go crazy, run things at full and do everything we want, but if we're out all evening or something, we'll need to make the most of our battery, by creating profiles with DU Battery Saver, we can do just that.



  • Speed (4/5) – While not the fastest app out there, DU Battery Saver runs just fine and I didn't come across any issues.
  • Theme (4/5) – A good-looking app, everything is easy to use and easy to find in DU Battery Saver.
  • Features (5/5) – Without promising the earth, users are given control over what their battery is doing by using DU Battery Saver, and you can achieve some pretty good results.
  • Overall (4/5) – An easy to use app that gives users the control they need to make their batteries last longer, DU Battery Saver is well worth a try.


  • No need to be a rocket scientist to use this effectively.
  • Good-looking UI will work on the majority of Android phones out there.
  • Widgets are a nice touch and offer information in a quick glance.
  • DU Battery Saver is free to try out, and offers a good amount of features without having to pay anything.


  • A tutorial on what uses battery more than other things would be perfect for those new to Android.
  • Customizable themes for the whole app, rather than just the battery, would be nice to see.

Conclusion: In the war against poor battery life, knowledge and control are the two best weapons we have against it. There's no magic button that will make your battery last longer, it just doesn't work like that. Instead, DU Battery Saver offers users the ability to see what's using their battery, and then create profiles for different events or times of day, thus giving users the ability to make the most of their battery how they want to. The homescreen widgets are great and work well for those that just want a little more control at a moment's notice. A great app, DU Battery Saver is well worth trying if you want to take back control of your battery life.


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