Spell Up Is A New Game From Google To Help Polish One's English Skills

Google is taking on a new approach to education. No, not with the Google Apps for Education program. I mean with a new game they have created called Spell Up. The idea behind Spell up is simple. To build up one's English skills. To do this, you'll be practicing how to pronounce and spell words and by doing so correctly you'll not only be building up a tower within the game to see how high you can go, you'll also be building up your English skills by learning the proper ways to spell and pronounce words.

You won't just be given words to pronounce and spell correctly, you'll also have to un-jumble words to form the correct word, fill in blank letters to complete a word, and solve mystery words, all the while stacking up your words to build your tower and reach new levels. Reaching new levels make things more difficult, so while things seem easy at first, they'll begin to have a little bit more of a challenge sooner than you think. This game can be a simple fun game even if you already know plenty of the words or already have great English skills. Getting frustrated over your incorrect pronunciation or misspelling of a word? Spell Up can help you. Because that's what it was designed to do. The game is playable from multiple deivces too, so you don't have to be limited to only playing at home. You can access Spell up from within the Chrome browser, or you can play from your mobile devices which includes android phones, tablets, and Apple iOS devices as well. You can also sign in with your Google account much like you can with games on Android that have Google Play Games support.

For the obvious reason, iOS devices will be having to type everything within the game, while players using the chrome desktop browser or the their Android devices will be using Google's voice recognition system that powers Google Now and other things to speak to the game. Spell Up is a new Chrome experiment designed to help you improve your English by speaking and using your voice, so like Google says, it's like a virtual spelling bee of sorts. Much more fun though. If you want to give it a try you can do so by hitting the link below which takes you directly to the game.

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