Sony's AR Effects Camera App Gets An Update, Adds New Themes And Features

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If you’re a Sony device owner then you may be interested to know, that Sony has just updated its augmented reality camera app in the Play Store with some new features and has also added in a handful of new themes to use with the camera. Lets start with the themes. The themes for Sony’s AR effect camera are basically sticker overlays that you can import into the photo over the image so it alters the photo in some way shape or form. This is similar to what you might see from the stickers in Google Hangouts with the different faces, hats, and such. Although, Sony’s AR effects themes are arguably much cooler than anything else we have ever seen.

There are six new themes total that have been added into the camera, or rather they have been added into the list of Sony’s AR effects compatible themes in the Play Store. Basically they are separate download and installs, but once installed they’re all accessible through the AR effects camera app. All the new AR effects themes are free, and includes a Spider-Man theme, a Comic theme, a Celebration theme, a Butterfly theme, a Horror theme, and a Funky Disco theme. The Spider-Man one is pretty cool, and the Comics one has it’s own charms as well as the horror one. If you find your pictures are a little lacking and you want to give them some excitement, the AR effects and the available themes are definitely a good way to do that.

Besides the new themes Sony has also updated the app with some new features as well. One of the new features ties in directly with the add of these themes, and gives users the ability to load new themes from Google Play after the camera app is loaded. You can also record the AR effects while shooting video, so the super cool Spider-Man mask doesn’t have to be limited to just the images. Sony has also added in some cool little sound effects with action of AR objects, as well as the ability to touch the AR objects that are on the screen for more sound effects. Sony is definitely trying to let you know that your phones camera can be fun. We’d say this is a good way to do it. You can grab the AR Effects Camera from the Play Store for free, as well as all six new themes from the link.