Sony Matches GPe Xperia Z Ultra Price, Lowers The Unlocked LTE Version To $449

Back on April 29th we reported that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra GPe had been lowered to a price of $449 in the Google Play Store, which saw the device getting a $200 price drop from its original price tag of $649. The slashing of the GPe cost was probably due to various reasons, but more than likely the biggest reason could have been low sales or perhaps people finally noticed that $649 was a little more than what the Xperia Z Ultra was worth when it came to some of the specs. In a similar fashion and following Google's lead on the GPe device, Sony themselves have lowered the cost of the unlocked LTE Xperia Z Ultra to $449 as well from the original cost of $679, making both the stock android model from Google and the unlocked one from Sony that runs their UI $200, and $230 cheaper now for US residents.

Now $449 is starting to sound more like an enticing cost. That giant display is surely a little too big for some, but Sony does build a beautiful device and a phone with water resistance is always something to get a little excited about. For some that may mean little and I suppose it all depends on where you live. For those of us in the northwest(it rains a good amount in Oregon, it was raining earlier this morning actually), having water resistance on a device can mean getting some time to play outside and fight for the resistance in the popular game Ingress, or it could just mean we wouldn't have to worry about pulling our phones out of our pockets to respond to a call or text when a little bit of rain is present.

The odd thing about this price cut is that Sony has only lowered the LTE version of the unlocked Xperia Z Ultra to $449, while the HSPA+ model still sits at it's original price of $629. All the better for anyone who may live close to or within an LTE covered area, because you'll get faster speeds for data at a lower cost. In any case, both the GPe and the unlocked model of the Xperia Z Ultra from Sony are now less than $450, so if you were actually interested in this phone back when it launched, now might be a good time to pick one up.

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