Sonos Offering 6 Months Free Google Play Music All Access with Device Purchase

May 28, 2014 - Written By Jeremiah Nelson

Everyone likes free music. Sonos is offering you six months of free music through Google Play Music All Access when you buy a new Sonos product. That’s right, just pick up a new Sonos device and install it, then get a free All Access voucher and redeem it. It’s really simple, and you know you’ve been looking at a new Sonos device for a while.  You don’t have any excuses now. Get on it.

Google Play Music All Access is my go-to streaming music service. I chose it over Spotify and Rdio because I’m invested in Google’s services, and it integrates really well with my day-to-day life. Google Play Music still lets you upload and stream 20,000 of your own tracks. I’ve got that maxed out. When you add All Access on top of that, it’s a whole lot of music for a pretty small price. I listen to a lot of metal, and I’ve found almost everything I want on Google’s music service. There are times that All Access will have a band or new song that Spotify or Rdio doesn’t. Now you can get all of that music and streaming power, at your fingertips, for free for six months.

Sonos makes wireless audio products for your home, office, or any place you want to put them. They offer several sizes of speakers, a sound bar, a subwoofer, and wireless connection boxes that will let you create what they call a SonosNet. The SonosNet lets you play music in any room in your house, and even play different tunes in different rooms. Everything is wireless. Sonos focuses on high-fidelity sound over Wi-Fi. There’s a great Android app available that lets you control your zones, too. If you’re not familiar with what Sonos does, I highly recommend you check them out.

Based on its regular $9.99 per month pricing, this deal saves you just shy of $60 on six months of Play Music All Access. Sonos devices start at $199. You’ll have to jump on this deal before July 5th because that’s when it expires.