'Smash the Past' Winners Start Receiving Their OnePlus Ones


During the runup to the OnePlus One's announcement, the Chinese company was doing a few things that a lot of users didn't quite appreciate. Chief among those was the invite system the company said they were going to be using, but then they announced on the day of the launch that they wanted people to smash their previous devices in order to get a OnePlus One for a dollar, as well as an invite for a friend or to just give to someone else. This invite however, would be at full price. That wasn't the last bit of controversy surrounding their invite as they then announced a list of smartphones they would accept to be smashed, which ended up being a list of some of the best devices from the last two years or so.

Thankfully, the small company finally came to their senses and offered an option to donate your own smartphone instead of smashing your old device. Still, the invite system did rub people the wrong way. Now though, winners of the Smash the Past contest are getting their devices in the post. Complete with a note from OnePlus. A user from Germany has gotten his OnePlus One in the mail and it's numbered, his being the 10th out of 100 devices to be sent out to contest winners. The note is also signed (sort of) by Pete Lau, which is a nice touch nonetheless. It's nice to see that the invite system actually worked, especially after all of the controversy surrounding it.


One slight cause for concern however, is that the OnePlus forums have been abuzz a little with what could be some manufacturing defects. The recipient of the tenth OnePlus One has noticed that the earpiece doesn't quite sit right, which isn't exactly a major issue, but could suggest that the rest of the device hasn't been put together to the high standards a lot of users were hoping for. Still, this is just one of the first few to roll off of the production line, so while it's not nice to see issues like these happening, it's not entirely surprising, either. Hopefully these issues will remain few and far between and that OnePlus will take care of those who do come across issues. If you've recently received your OnePlus One in the mail, we'd love to hear from you, shout out down in the comments!

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