The SM-G906K Is The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime According To This Product Listing

May 12, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

More evidence appears to have popped up that suggests a Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is on the way. There has been lots of speculation in the past about whether or not Samsung would be releasing a more performance top heavy and powerful version of the Galaxy S5 with a more premium feeling design and some bolstered specifications. We’ve seen it all from concept renders of the device to potential shipping documents that point to the device being in existence.

The two biggest rumors about the S5 Prime are that it could be built with a metal back plate and that it will come packing a QHD display, and potentially or hopefully hold 3GB of RAM, sadly the evidence from today does nothing to bring any truth to those rumors so we’ll likely have to wait a bit longer before we might find anything out about the device in that area. News of the potential Galaxy S5 Prime comes from a product listing on a Korean Telecom called Olleh TV, and displays a device called the Galaxy S5 Prime and listed above it is the model number of the device which is SM-G906K. Since Samsung generally likes to keep model numbers for devices that are in the same family tree as close as possible, one could look at the model number of the LTE Galaxy S5 for T-Mobile which is SM-G900T and note that the model number for this new device seems to be a Galaxy S5 variant of some kind. Whether or not it’s actually the fabled Prime device or not is still in question since Samsung of course is still denying that they’re coming out with such a device at all.

If this does turn out to be a Galaxy S5 Prime and the product listing is true, this wouldn’t be the only one that has popped up as the SM-G906S model number which is rumored to be the Galaxy S5 Prime as well, had surfaced in a listing on a Hong Kong website back on the 9th which was just a few days ago. Taking this into consideration it’s possible that the SM-G906K could be a model number meant for the Korean market while the SM-G906S could be meant for the Chinese market, which also begs the question if there will be US variants of this device if Samsung does release it. This probably isn’t the last we’ve seen or heard of the Galaxy S5 Prime and as more information comes up we’ll be sure to keep you posted.