Secret Finally Launches For Android So You Can Share Your Thoughts Without Judgement

If you're ready for a change of social pace then you definitely need to check out Secret. As it stands right now there is no anonymity among the most popular social networks out there. You have the freedom to say what you want just about anywhere, such is the nature of the web. But.. do you really have all that freedom? With social networks like Twitter and Facebook, posting ones lunch or mid-day habits might drum up some conversation but it might just annoy people. How many pictures of babies or cats, or pictures of babies with cats do we have to be subjected to on a daily basis? See what I did there? I could have thrown that up on my Facebook wall which might have sparked a hilarious conversation between my friends and friends of my friends. Then again a comment like that could go completely sideways.

With Secret, that wouldn't happen since everything you post is completely anonymous. The app works wonderfully in a way to allow the user to feel comfortable with telling people just about anything. Have a secret that you've never been able to share with your friends for fear of judgement? Secret can help you let go of those statements that have been weighing you down. No matter how personal the secret is, the fear of being looked at like an utter weirdo is out of the question because none of your friends will know it's you.

Secret is a completely new and uninhibited way to express whatever it is you're feeling on the inside, and you can feel OK about doing so. You don't just get to post random comments, you can customize your posts to give them more depth. Change the background color or add in a photo to help convey your feelings or mood about whatever it is you're saying. Make sure to be open and honest with your secrets because you never know who might like them. The app lets you like secrets that you enjoy, and the same can be done with the secrets that you leave. If friends like them, they can eventually spread to their friends and who knows they might even get so many likes that they spread to a global scale. Speaking of global, Secret has rewarded Android users with an exclusive new feature that is an Android first(the Secret app has been on iOS for the past couple of months but doesn't have this feature quite yet), which allows you to view Secret streams from around the world, in addition to the stream that contains your friends. The app is free and is live in the Play Store now.

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