Samsung to Hold Event All About Health May 28th; New S Band to be Announced?


May is shaping up to be a bizarrely busy month for the world of mobile, as Motorola, LG and now Samsung are all holding events this month. We're pretty certain that LG and Motorola will have new smartphones to show off, but Samsung's invitation to their event in San Francisco has us a little stumped. The invitation that Samsung is sending out simply says that a new conversation "around health" is about to begin. That's pretty vague, even for good old Samsung, but we have a few hunches as to what Samsung is planning. The event is scheduled for 10:30 PT on May 28th, so we have a few weeks to wait and see just what Samsung is up to.

The S Band is something that we're thinking Samsung could be announced later this month. While the S Band first debuted with the Galaxy S4 as a simple fitness accessory, it never really took off and they're pretty difficult to get hold of, if you can even find one at all. Recently, SamMobile got their hands on some leaked promotional material for a new S Band and this time around, it looked to be a lot more featured. With no display or anything like that, the S Band is all about fitness. Similar to Sony's SmartBand, the S Band looks to be designed to track your sleep, monitor exercise and track how you're sleeping.


Something similar to, but not as costly or featured, as the Gear Fit the S Band could be a good way for Samsung to get these trackers into the hands of a lot more people. We're not sure this is what Samsung has planned later this month, but if we were betting people that's what we'd put our money on. We're sure that Samsung has more than that to talk about though, so we'll be all ears to hear what they have to say.

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