Samsung Practically Takes Over Part of London's Heathrow Airport to Promote Some Phone

Terminal 5 Complete


The above image is of Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 building, the latest and largest part of London’s key Airport to be constructed. Anyone that has been through Heathrow will realize what an iconic piece of construction it is and of course, the effect it’s had on transport in England’s capital. Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport is about to be turned into Terminal Galaxy S5 for a period of two-weeks. The campaign is the first time that the Airport has let a brand takeover happen and we’re sure that Samsung spent a whole lot of money securing the campaign.

For a two-week period starting May 19th, Terminal 5 of Heathrow will become Terminal Galaxy S5, and Samsung’s marketing will be taking over the hundreds of digital screens, the signage throughout the Terminal building. Thousands of passengers will be passing through the Terminal building will be exposed to intense marketing from Samsung and the Dixons stores in the building will have Samsung employees on hand to show off the Galaxy S5. Russel Taylor, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland said that “We are always looking for ways to maximise brand impact and this activity is testament to that. The partnership with Heathrow Airport and JCDecaux Airport was a one-off opportunity to push the boundaries like no other brand has been allowed to do before.”

How much this marketing campaign has cost Samsung is currently undisclosed, but we’re sure the figure is a substantial one. 172 digital signs in the terminal building will be branded with “Terminal Galaxy S5” and images of the Galaxy S5 will be everywhere. May is perhaps not the best time for Samsung to own Terminal 5 as families typically go on summer holidays from June to August, but we’re sure enough people will leave the Terminal with “Galaxy S5” on their lips to suit Samsung just fine.