Samsung and LG Considering Use of Sapphire Glass in Future Smartphones?



By now, we should all be aware that our smartphones and tablets are the product of some pretty rare and valuable materials coming together. What we now take for granted as the main feature of our devices, the glass covering our beloved screens, wasn't just lying around on a shelf. We now take Gorilla Glass for granted when it comes to smartphone screens but while the iPhone was still heavily in development, the company behind Gorilla Glass, Corning, had ceased production and it was up to Apple to persuade them to get it back into production for the iPhone. As much as Android fans hate to give credit to Apple, our smartphone screens wouldn't be as strong if Steve Jobs didn't persuade the company to start producing Gorilla Glass once again.


Of course, since then a lot has changed, Gorilla Glass is on its third version and is disturbingly resilient to abuse from the outside world. Accidents still happen though and it's not perfect as devices still shatter on us from time to time, but I think we can all agree Gorilla Glass is pretty damn good. There's something new out there though, and that's Sapphire glass, which is said to be much stronger than Gorilla Glass and more resilient to scratches and the like. Apple themselves have used this on the camera lens of the iPhone 5 and 5S (albeit with mixed responses from users) and now it looks like the Korean giants LG and Samsung are considering its use in future smartphones.

According to sources talking to ETNews, both LG and Samsung have reached out to Sapphire glass manufacturers to get some samples of their work, and that the two have been looking at the new glass tech for quite some time. There's no telling whether or not LG or Samsung will be using this just now, as the production cost is said to be quite high, which would in turn push prices up. However, if Sapphire Glass makes devices stronger, then we could see the Korean giants using the new glass as fewer devices smashed means fewer repairs, and fewer replacement devices.

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