Samsung Lead Lawyer Predicts Apple Will Get Nothing After Court Appeals Finish

The latest Samsung vs Apple trial has not been over long, and recently we saw last week that Apple was awarded $119.6 million of the $2.2 billion they were seeking in damages from Samsung, as payment for the patent infringement on some of Apple's feature related patents for things like Auto-correct and quick links. While Apple may have won this particular battle, Samsung and its ambitious lawyer John Quinn think that they have yet to win the war which Samsung themselves plan on winning. Samsung counter-sued Apple for infringement of two of its own patents and was awarded a much smaller amount of $158,400 for the infringement on one of them, but they also plan on appealing the recent court ruling that awarded Apple a mere fraction of what they wanted originally. If Samsung and Quinn have their way, Apple won't be seeing a penny of what the awarded damages amount to. That is of course if they can pull out of this appeal with a victory. The plans to appeal will happen soon, with the end goal to obviously bring the awarded dollar amount to nothing, but the outcome could also see Samsung paying a reduced damages amount which wouldn't be ideal, however it would be better than what they have been ordered to pay up now. Whatever they end up having to pay when this is all said and done, we just wonder if Samsung will pull the same trick they did last time they paid Apple for damages, and send them the money in the form of coins again. Interestingly enough(which isn't really surprising because he is Samsung's lawyer after all) Quinn thinks that not only will they potentially be able to get the awarded damages to Apple from this trial reduced or brought down to zero, but he also has a strong opinion that the $930 million that Apple was awarded in the first trial could be overturned which means Apple will have spent all this money on trials and end up with nothing. The trials and lawsuit/court battles will have to end of course before that ever becomes a reality, but Quinn states that he has no honest clue as to when that could happen. He like many others believe though that in the end these court battles brought on by Apple lawsuits are somewhat a waste of time, as he notes that even Apple CEO Tim Cook has got to realize that suing companies like Samsung isn't going to slow Android down.

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