Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for AT&T Poses in New Leaked Photos



In what seemed to be a merely pedestrian alternate model to the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S5 Active continues to impress with a number of surprises under the hood.  We found out just a few days ago through a hands-on leak series that the Galaxy S5 Active isn't just a more rugged version of the Galaxy S5, rather that it also has a number of new features.  Things like a barometer inside to tell you elevation and atmospheric pressure, a proper compass, an active shutter button for taking pictures underwater, and allegedly optical image stabilization on the camera.  While that last part will need to be confirmed as being a hardware feature, the possibility of having OIS on the Galaxy S5's camera is incredibly tantalizing to say the least.


Now we're getting a great new look at the phone in still images thanks to @EVLeaks, and it's in nearly every angle imaginable.  While we don't get any sort of glimpse of the side of the phone, including the new Active Button, we get a great look at the front, back and the back with the plate and battery removed.  The only thing that bares any real resemblance to the Galaxy S5 is behind the back cover when removed, which actually looks identical to the Galaxy S5.  You'll find the same battery, the same conjoined SIM/SD Card tray above the battery, as well as the fairly large single speaker flanking the battery on the bottom left.  That's about where the similarities end though, as you can see when putting the back plate back on the device looks much more ruggedized and industrial than the softer Galaxy S5 does.

The sides of the phone seem to feature a hardened material that juts out from the edges, likely helping the Galaxy S5 Active recover from a nasty drop that'll almost certainly land on one of the four corners of the device.  Moving onto the front we get a clear shot of the tri-button layout, including the home button with the back and recents buttons on either side.  These are all now physical buttons, likely to aid in the use of the phone while underwater or under extreme duress.  The device is also a little more angular looking thanks to the padded corners, but still carries that overall Samsung look.  How does the device feel in the hand?  We can't wait to get our hands on one to give it a try, but it's looking more and more like we should be seeing an official announcement for this bad boy any day now.

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