Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Pack More Features, Water Resistant Also


Every time Samsung launches a new flagship device there are some serious new features to show.  While this isn't any different from many other manufacturers, Samsung usually goes out of its way to find something unique to add to its newest flagship device even if it isn't useful in everyday situations.  While there are plenty of modes like Golf Shot and Smart Pause that either don't work well or are only tailored to extremely specific situations, there are also plenty of modes like Smart Stay and Multi Window that really do add some real value to the device and make you glad you have those features.  While the Galaxy Note series usually resigns itself to having the S-Pen and sheer size to stay unique from the Galaxy S lineup of devices, it looks like Samsung will be enhancing features on the Galaxy S5 for use in the Galaxy Note 4.

First up is the water resistance of the device, which is assumed and has been all but confirmed, but what about actually using the phone underwater?  We've seen from the Galaxy S5 that although the phone can be dropped in water and left there for quite a while and live, it doesn't actually prove to be useful when you're trying to use it underwater.  That's all down to the fact that capacitive touchscreens rely on electrical responses from your fingertips to know where you're touching, so when underwater you end up having lots of places that are "touched" thanks to all the little particles in water that carry an electrical charge.  "Aqua Capture" on the Galaxy Note 4 might just be the answer to this, at least for taking pictures anyway, and is one of the many modes under testing for the device that have been leaked today.  We've seen this on the Galaxy S4 Active and it'll be great to see it make a return on the Note 4.


Next up is Smart Fingerprint, which is assumed to be some sort of hub to control what the fingerprint scanner in the home button does, and possibly allow you to do more than the current unlock and pay with PayPal features are on the Galaxy S5.  We're also seeing Multi Network for Booster which is probably the same thing as the Galaxy S5 has where it can essentially bridge your WiFi and cell networks to give you a serious speed boost when downloading and break your data up more evenly.  Lastly Swipe to launch Motion Launcher seems like a direct response to the motion gestures found on the Moto X and HTC One M8 where you can move the phone a certain way to start apps like the camera, or make certain swipe gestures on the screen while off to launch specific apps.  All these add up to another feature-packed Galaxy Note phone, and are expected to be unveiled with the device in early September.

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