Samsung's Patent Infringements Will Cost Them Over $119.6 Million In Damages

While more details are still yet to come on the matter, it looks like the jury in the latest Samsung vs Apple case has come to an agreement that Samsung has indeed infringed on at least one of Apple's patents, of which there were five total that saw this case being tried in the first place. Apple and Samsung have been locked in courtroom battles for quite some time over patent infringement, this time around though the infringement lawsuits were in regards to software features as opposed to the over all design of the devices. So far we have heard plenty of details regarding the case altogether like how Apple and Samsung have both been paying expert witnesses large six figure sums of money over the past couple of years to assist them in winning this case.

While Apple seeks nearly $2.2 billion in damages(an amount that Apple had their damages analyst come to after careful deliberation over many details) for the infringement over various software features like auto correct, Samsung remains firm that they have infringed on none of Apple's patents in this case, but the Jury apparently doesn't feel the same way. Samsung has actually counter sued Apple for patent infringement, asking for a total of $6 million in damages. In accordance to the amount of money that Apple is requesting Samsung pay out, Samsung had their own damages expert assess the total cost of what should be paid out if Samsung were to be found guilty of infringing on patents that belonged to Apple, and came to a conclusion that they should be awarded no more than $38.4 million in damages at the most, stemming from data that supports a payment of 35 cents per patent per device with a total amount of 37 million units sold.

After the Jury was given all of the information they needed and told to make a decision, which amounted to hearing over 50 hours of evidence on the case, it seems that despite Samsung's efforts they were found guilty yet again. So far they have only been found guilty of infringing on the patent that revolves around Apple's quicklinks patent, as well as infringing on the slide to unlock patent that Apple holds. It was also ruled that not all of Samsung's devices included in this suit infringe on those patents. As for Samsung, they were awarded a total of $158,400 for Apple's infringement on one of the two patents that Samsung had counter sued for. Out of 5 patents total, Samsung was ruled to have infringed on three(quicklinks, slide to unlock, and auto correct) while the patents relating to background synchronization and universal search were not infringed upon.

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