Samsung Is Dabbling In VR, Wants To Beat Sony And Facebook To Market

Facebook and Sony may be the current major players when it comes to VR, but Samsung has never been one to be outdone and is apparently making an attempt at launching their own VR headset device that can be used with future Galaxy products for games. In the current stage the headset is still in development and some developers already have their hands on pre-production models of the device. Some interesting things to note are that these early models work with current devices but when the device is ready for a consumer release and Samsung goes ahead with the launch, a newer and more powerful Galaxy device(whatever will be the current devices at the time of release of the VR headset)will be required for compatibility. Will it end up getting backwards compatibility for older Galaxy devices at some point? Who knows. It's still too early to tell especially since the device is still a good ways off before we see it on store shelves or online retailers.

The headset is supposed to be announced sometime this year, but an actual launch date is currently unknown at the time and understandably so. Samsung's plan however is to beat Facebook and Sony to market with their device before either company can release the Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus VR headsets. Not only is Samsung attempting to beat the other two companies to market, but they have plans to undercut them on the pricing side as well so as to entice those who are looking for a Virtual Reality gaming experience to purchase what they have to offer instead of something from the competition. Seeing as how the headset will be meant for use with Android games while something like Project Morpheus is meant for use with the PS4, coming in with a lower cost than Sony would be a smart move.

Most of the details on this device are scarce, but it's said that the headset uses a higher end OLED screen than that of the latest Oculus Rift dev kits, and that it is not running a Tizen based OS. Other than that most things are still unknown. One thing is for sure though, a production ready model is most likely a long ways off. An announcement "this year" could mean sometime in December, and if that's the case a release could be mid 2015 or even the following winter. Would a device like this interest you? Are you excited for VR?

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