The Samsung Chromebook 2's Pre-Installed Apps Aren't Really Bloatware

Ok, so we already know that most of us have a problem with bloatware. Some more than others, and some could care less and simply pay no mind. That's part of the decision making process for plenty of people when it comes to a new Android smartphone. Bloatware or no bloatware can play a big roll in what manufacturer people choose when going to buy a new phone. That isn't the case with Chromebooks though. Up until now there has virtually been no bloatware at all on devices and when it comes to choosing a Chromebook no matter what the OEM, the only thing that really differentiates one from the other are the specs and the physical design of the laptop. The software is Chrome OS so it looks exactly the same on every machine pretty much. Without bloat, fast, and simply clean.

With the Samsung Chromebook 2, there is apparently the tiniest little bit of bloat on the laptop which may have surprised you as well. Especially when you learn what it really is. Although after figuring it out you come to terms with the fact that it isn't really bloatware at all. When you buy a Samsung Chromebook 2 there are two pre-installed apps on it, which they were upfront about when they told the public that they would be installing a productivity suite of applications. Those two apps in the suite are Wunderlist and Airdroid, both of which are Chrome web apps that you can uninstall if you choose not to use them. On any other Chromebook you can also pick those apps out of the Chrome web store. The fact that you can uninstall them is the very reason it isn't quite the same as other types of bloat that you might see on your smartphone or tablet. Both apps are actually pretty useful as well, if you spend a little time getting to know them.

Wunderlist is of course, as its name suggests, a to-do list application utility while Airdroid some of you may already be familiar with. It lets you control and manage your android devices remotely, which can actually be a useful thing if you aren't sitting right next to it and need to tweak something. While bloatware can feel a bit invasive and usually seems to bog down systems a lot, the Samsung Chromebook 2 and the two pre-installed apps hardly do anything of the sort. This already may turn some people off to the idea of the Chromebook 2 but it shouldn't if your worry is bloatware since you can just remove the apps.

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