Samsung Announces the "Swarovski for Samsung" Collection for the S5 and Gear Fit

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Samsung is trying to offer up something special for the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. They just announced a new partnership with Swarovski for a line of accessories for those two devices. This isn't the first time the two have partnered for a line of accessories. This one they are calling "Swarovski for Samsung" just in case you were wondering which two companies were involved. I also found it amusing that the Gear Fit is already an accessory, so Samsung and Swarovski want to sell you accessories for your accessory. Yo, dawg.


Anyways, on to the details. First up: the Gear Fit. Swarovski and Samsung have rolled out something called Charm Sliders. They're charms that clip onto the band of your Gear Fit, turning it into a charm bracelet. The Gear Fit is meant to be worn outside, while you're active, getting…Fit. Why would you want to adorn it with charms that will make it more difficult to be physical active? This doesn't seem like it was well thought out. The Charm Sliders come in lots of colors and designs like a Crystal Skull, a Crystal Star, Golden Shadow Lips, etc. You can attach these charms to your fitness tracker. This all seems very silly.

For the Galaxy S5, we have a back cover that is covered with Swarovski Crystal Fine Rocks, or crystals for short. There are two different patterns that the companies are making available to consumers. One is black with some gray mixed in, and the other is blue with a touch of white and gray. These are made of a lot of tiny crystals, glued or somehow attached to the back of the case. Pretty standard stuff except that it's Swarovski crystal, so you'll be upset if/when the crystals start coming loose and falling off. Hopefully there's some kind of warranty in place for that.

"Swarovski for Samsung" will be available on Samsung's website in China and Korea beginning tomorrow. It will be available in UK soon, too, but no word on other availability. The line will also be in retail stores on May 22nd, most likely in those same regions. No pricing was listed, but if you have to ask, these probably aren't for you. Some of the items can be seen in the gallery, and you can check out the full press release below.

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