Rumor: Oppo Working on 5-inch N1 Mini?

May 14, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson

When Oppo launched the N1, they gave people another choice for a smartphone with a pretty good camera, which also did double duty as an excellent selfie machine. They also launched a pretty sizable smartphone as well, as the Oppo N1 features a 5.9-inch screen which of course makes for a fairly physically large device. In China, larger devices are very popular so its no surprise that the Oppo Find 7 is a pretty big device at 5.5-inches. Oppo has obviously become known for creating some excellent high-end devices like the N1 and the Find 7, but now it seems like they’re going to be jumping on to the mini bandwagon, with a smaller version of the N1.

As it seems like the One Mini 2 is going to end up, the N1 Mini could be a lesser device as recent reports are suggesting the N1 Mini will be powered by a MediaTek MT6592 octa-core CPU and feature a 5-inch display which doesn’t sound all that mini to us, but the resolution of the display hasn’t been rumored so, a 5-inch 720p panel is fairly likely. Whether or not this rumored N1 Mini is to feature the same camera design of the original version is unknown, but considering that is one of the main features of the N1 we’d certainly hope so.

Right now, it’s just supply chain sources that are talking about an N1 Mini, but there’s a chance that the device is just another upcoming mid-range from Oppo, and doesnt have anything to do with the N1 at all. Still, a smaller, more affordable version of the N1 could do well in sales as the mid-range and low-end parts of the market heat up thanks to the likes of Motorola. Would a miniature N1 be something you’re interested in? Let us know in the comments below.