Rumor: HTC One Ace To Get An Official Announcement On June 3rd

May 22, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

A couple of days ago we saw a render pop up that was rumored to possibly be of the HTC One Ace device that is set to launch sometime later this year. To Recap, the HTC One Ace is supposed to be a lower end version of the HTC One M8 that would presumably have a plastic body instead of the machined metal, and come in with decent specs that would be similar to the flagship. So far there hasn’t been any official announcements of the HTC One Ace just yet, but that could all soon change as rumors are starting to fly that HTC could be looking to make the announcement sometime in early June.

June 3rd is the rumored date, which is information coming from sources of the Chinese website ePrice. That would put the official announcement in just under two weeks(or 12 days from now to be exact)so the possibility of seeing this phone pop up for sale before the end of June isn’t the most unlikely scenario. Besides the plastic body, the rest of the design for the HTC One Ace looks to be very similar if were to believe that the renders that popped up on the 20th are actually of the Ace. What we know right now is that HTC has been teasing a fashionable phone that is believed to be the plastic version of the HTC One M8 but they have been pretty quiet about actual details. If they manage to pack all or most of the HTC One M8’s power and performance into a plastic body to offer the phone to consumers at a more budget friendly price tag, there are sure to be those who might consider buying it to save some cash.

HTC is set on delivering devices that have a certain fashionable style to them and they generally end up offering multiple colors so no matter what the HTC One Ace has for internals, you can be almost certain that the phone will look nice, and if it follow closely to the design of the M8 it’ll have some nice curves and a thin profile, which is easy to picture if you go off of the render leak. Would you consider the HTC One Ace if it was considerably less than the original HTC One M8?

Evleaks also put out an image of the HTC One Ace, which is down below.