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It took us all by surprise a little when Google announced Android Wear for smartwatches. Not because this was Google entering the smartwatch game, that was inevitable, but their timing and the amount of partners they already had onboard. It quickly became clear that Google had been working on this for some time and that Android Wear was not just something the search giant was to play with, but something that was heading to market very quickly. No partner has been as open as LG about their first Android Wear, the G Watch. There's a website where you can take a look at the device and we already know a fair bit about the G Watch and by extension Android Wear.


We know that the G Watch is to be always listening for voice commands and that it's simply going to be a smartwatch an unfettered version of Android Wear from Google. So far, it's presented itself as a pretty standard smartwatch, or what our perceptions of a smartwatch have become. Now though, there's word coming out of Korea that the device might connect to cellular networks completely on its own. INews 24 is reporting that the G Watch could use a USIM and connect to LG's U+ network in South Korea, with U+ stores being the first to launch the device in South Korea. 3G connectivity would obviously be a nice feature, but considering the amount of data these watches will likely consume, wouldn't it make more sense to use the faster connection available on your phone?

It would seem both Samsung and LG are looking into 3G-connected smartwatches as rumors of a standalone Gear watch, dubbed the Gear Solo, have been floating around for some time now. The Gear 2 is running Tizen and therefore Samsung have complete control over their software and could easily turn the device into a standalone 3G watch, but Android Wear already appears to be more closed off, and LG might have to end simply shoehorning 3G into a device where it doesn't belong. Obviously, these devices would be quite a bit more expensive, so would any of you pay the extra for such a device?

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