Rockstar And Amazon Bring GTA III, Vice City, And San Andreas To Fire TV And Kindle Fire

May 15, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

Grand Theft Auto fans now have one more reason to want an Amazon Fire TV. If Gary Busey couldn’t sell you on it with his weird but hilarious “Hello Pants” statement and the rest of his widely eccentric, short but sweet acting scene for the devices ad spot, perhaps the addition of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will sway you. All three games from Rockstar are now available for play on both the Amazon Fire TV and the Kindle Fire devices, so no matter where you are you can have some good old fashioned fun stealing cars and engaging in rival gang wars.

All three titles are already available on Android with San Andreas dropping late last year, but now gamers who own the Fire TV can easily play the game on the big screen with the use of Amazon Fire TV‘s companion controller. Not only that, but Amazon is also running a promotion where you can get bonus Amazon Coins(which can be used like Play Store credits to buy just about anything from the Amazon App Store) when you buy GTA: San Andreas. Those who pick up San Andreas will end up having to let go of $6.99 which is the list price of the game on Google Play as well, but in return they’ll be given 2,000 bonus Amazon Coins which can be used to buy the other games. Both GTA III and GTA Vice City will set users back 499 Amazon Coins, so you could buy San Andreas for $6.99, then turn around and spend 1,000 coins to get the other two games and still have 1,000 left over for what ever else you want. When you pair this with the 1,000 coins you’ll get for buying the Amazon Fire TV game controller, you’ll have the opportunity for a lot of free apps. You could also just pony up the $4.99 for the other two games but who would want to do that when they could basically get them for free.

The games are live in the Amazon App Store and can be downloaded now, so if you’ve been dying for some GTA action and were looking to game this weekend on the Fire TV, this is your chance at some nostalgia. If you played all three games via the PS2 when they first released you should be able to appreciate being able to play these on the big screen like this. That’s not to suggest that it wasn’t capable before now with Android devices, and the appropriate equipment.