Ringke LG G3 Cases Appear on Amazon, In Stock June 30th


The LG G3 is the 2014 followup to the wildly successful G2 from 2013, and while it hasn't even been officially announced it's been leaked and teased all over the web.  At this point we've got pricing for the LG G3, as well as plenty of press shots and renders of the phone well before the official announcement next week.  So what's left to find out about the G3?  Other than obvious software features and confirmation of hardware, not a whole lot.  What's even better is that you're already able to order cases for the phone so you can have it protected when you pick up LG's latest and greatest when it launches next month, or so it's rumored anyway.  Ringke is the latest to throw up some cases on Amazon, and they are already for sale.  The catch here is that they don't ship until June 30th, so unless the phone ships after that you may not have it on day 1.  Regardless these look like some pretty sweet cases for the LG G3, so let's take a look at them individually.

First up is the slimmest and lightest of the bunch, simply titled the Ringke SLIM LG G3 case.  For about $10, including shipping, you get an ultra-slim case that covers all sides of your phone except for the part you don't want to cover up, the screen.  It's got a soft-touch plastic coating so you know it's going to feel great in your hand, and it should provide minimal protection against bumps and scrapes to that new brushed-metal body of the G3.


Next up is the biggest of the bunch, the Ringke MAX LG G3 case, which like it sounds is a bulkier case designed to withstand harder drops and bumps than other cases might offer.  It features a dual-layer design similar to that of an Otterbox-style case with a flexible TPU style case inside of a harder shell case to help absorb shock when the phone is dropped.  The great thing here is that for about $17 with shipping you not only get the case but an additional back plate in case yours gets a little scuffed over time.

Lastly is the Ringke FUSION LG G3 case, which is a hybrid design between the light and more bulky cases.  Don't want the bulkier case but want to still protect your phone a little more than the slim case would?  This is likely your best bet, with Ringke claiming that the FUSION case is the world's thinnest, clearest and hardest hybrid case around, and at around $14 with shipping it's pretty cheap too.  There's also a personalization aspect to this case that Ringke doesn't expand upon in the item description, saying that you can personalize the case over and over, likely hinting at patterns that you can probably drop behind the clear shell.  Of course you can just leave these designs out to show off that beautiful brushed metal on the G3 while still protecting it a little more than the base phone itself would.  All three of these cases come with a free screen protector for maximum protection, and are available at Amazon right now.  Remember though that the reseller is stating these cases don't ship til June 30th, but anything could happen between now and then so they could ship earlier or later depending on availability.

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