Microsoft Rumored To Have An Android Compatible Smartwatch On The Way

May 29, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

We’ve all heard the rumors about the fabled smartwatch coming from Apple, but what is infinitely more exciting and intriguing is the possibility that Microsoft will have a smartwatch of its own. In fact it’s more than a possibility, and according to sources of Forbes Microsoft has that particular smartwatch in the works already. Why is this more intriguing news? Because the word is that it will work with the top three mobile OS’s. So that’s Windows Phone, of course, and it apparently works with iOS and most importantly Android as well. Microsoft has not confirmed this as of yet but if this pans out to be true then it might actually give cause for Samsung to rethink their position on compatibility with their own devices.

There’s little known about the smartwatch, but what we’re hearing is that it could be due for a summertime release, which would put it right in line to directly compete with the LG G Watch and the Moto 360 as far as launch dates go, which are also most likely looking at a summer launch. Summer could mean as early as sometime next month however or could it be late August or beyond. Other details are suggesting that the smartwatch will have a host of sensors like a fitness tracker, and hear rate monitor that will be scanning a wearers heart rate constantly throughout the day, and that the wearable device will utilize Microsoft’s Kinect optical technology in some way for the development, although it’s unclear how they would use the tech and what features it could produce.

Actual release dates are unknown as well as what the price might be, but rumors are stating that the watch will look similar to what Samsung has done with the Gear Fit, and that the screen will be fairly small compared to the likes of the LG G Watch for example. That design obviously sounds a lot different from the image we have used above which is just a mockup of what a Windows based smartwatch might look like. It’s also rumored that the small and discrete display will be positioned on the inside of the users wrist when worn, which plays into privacy and discrete use of notifications. With this smartwatch/fitness tracker from Microsoft potentially having an open ended compatibility, it could give the Redmond based tech giant a leg up over the competition.