Pok© Icon Pack Hits The Play Store, Gotta Catch Em’ All

May 5, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz



No Pokemon fan can feel like a true Pokemon master without this icon pack. If you like Pokemon and enjoy theming your device, then you’ll love one of the newest icon packs to hit the Play Store that can help show off your dedication. Pok© has been in works for a little while and I was lucky enough to work with the team at Nexbit Design behind the pack for beta access, which I am happy to report has come out quite nicely. Each little Pokeball icon has had plenty of love put into it, and has contributed to many a sleepless night to bring the very best icon pack to everyone who enjoys a little Pokemon now and again.

If you grew up playing Pokemon on your Gameboy then you’ll be able to appreciate this assortment of icons which totals 410 XXX-HDPI Vector Made Pokeball Icons. Not sure what wallpaper to use to better exemplify your undying love for all things Pokemon? Not a problem. The guys at Nexbit have you covered there too and have added in ten awesome custom wallpapers that evoke the designs of different Pokeballs, and yes including the original. Pok© includes a categorized icon picker as well as carries support for all major launchers and many others. So no matter if you use Nova, Apex, Aviate, Unicon, ADW, Themer, Smart, or Action,(and more!) they’re all compatible. While you might not see some of your favorite apps as properly themed icons, Pok© does include a very nice icon mask to account for those that haven’t been themed just yet. Nexbit says that more icons will be added in the future, with promised updates bi-weekly so you can expect to see more beautiful little pokeballs coming your way.

You can even shoot the guys an email if you have a special request for something that you’d like to see themed. They’re an especially friendly team so don’t be shy. Best of all, the icon pack is free. You can catch all the available icons in the pack by jumping over to the Play Store from this link, and if you’re unfamiliar with how to apply an icon pack for your particular launcher feel free to hit us up in the comments with your launcher type and we’ll see if we can’t help you out.