Is This the Plastic HTC One Ace?


When HTC launched the HTC One (M8) Ace we started to hear rumors of other variants of the device right away. Of course, one of those variants was undoubtedly the mini version of this new flagship from HTC, but there was also a lot of buzz surrounding the 'Ace' codename. As well as the 'Ace' we've heard a lot about the HTC One Prime, said to launch later this year. While the Prime is to feature a QHD display and beefier specs, the Ace is apparently going to be a more accessible and more affordable version of the M8, eschewing the premium build for a more plastic one and thus, keeping the price down.

While the idea of such a device simply reminds us a lot of the HTC Butterfly line that HTC has been selling in Asia for some time, it's possible that HTC has seen fit to release another device into their lineup, especially if they're looking to snag more sales away from Samsung. The whole thing is a little bizarre though, as even though the M8 is an arguably much better designed and better built device than the Galaxy S5, it's already a little cheaper or the same price. The above image comes from a source that claims this isn't the Butterfly 2 pegged for launch a little later in the year and as our friends at G for Games have noted, HTC recently tweeted a lovely picture with the quote "In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves".


Could this be out first look at the rumored HTC One Ace? It certainly looks like an HTC One would if it were encased in plastic, and has a glossy look to it, rather than the brushed metal look of the recently announced HTC One (M8) in red. According to rumor, the One Ace will feature the same specs of the M8, but come in at a lower price point, giving users a chance to get the true One experience, without having to spend that extra. That could prove to be a potent formula, especially when the HTC One Mini 2 seems to be less of a One than we were expecting it to be.

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