The Original Portal Comes To Shield Beginning May 12th



Some short time ago we reported that Valve and Nvidia would be partnering up to bring the popular 2007 hit PC/Console game Portal to the Nvidia Shield. At the time there weren't any details on when exactly the game would release or how much it would cost, but thankfully we have that information for you today. Valve and Nvidia have come out with the launch date, so starting on May 12th owners of the Nvidia shield who need something new to play or wouldn't mind a little bit of nostalgia, can navigate to the Play Store and pick up Portal for some awesome gaming action on the go.

Like you would probably expect this game is going to cost you more than your average game but from the sounds of things it's going to be well worth it. If you're OK with dropping $9.99 for a trip to the past than you're presumably in for a real treat. This will certainly appeal to those who had played the game previously but it should be able to grab the attention of those who never had the chance to experience the game as well. Portal is based off of Valves Source engine, and gameplay is said to be just like what you'd expect from playing the game on either the PC or the console. Valve already had a pretty big undertaking getting this game onto Android in the first place, let alone the ability to do it so masterfully.

With Source engine now able to run on Android, we have to wonder what's next for Android gaming and what the possibilities could be. If Portal can look and run this good, it leaves the door open for possibilities of seeing other hit games running on Source to potentially make their way to Android as well like the Half Life series, Team Fortress 2 and a proper port of Counter-Strike. Personally my money is on Half Life as the next viable candidate to be ported over. These are just speculations of course, but they all run on the same game engine and come from Valve so one can wonder if this is part of their plan. In any case, for now just enjoy the artistry of Portal in all its glory whenever and where ever you want come May 12th. Happy Gaming!

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