OnePlus One Approved By FCC, Manual Found To List MicroSD Card Support

May 12, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

There’s already been plenty of news coverage on the OnePlus One and for good reason as the device is packed with some amazing specs for an equally amazing price. The only real downside for some has been the availability. With the phone being in low supply and the ability to buy one being handed out personally by OnePlus by the invite system through the email we can understand people’s discontent. Of course the lack of a microSD card slot and expandable storage capabilities didn’t sit too well for some either, but those users could just as easily go for the 64GB model of the OnePlus One and be just as happy, especially since it only costs an extra $50.

But wait, the OnePlus One has just recently passed through the FCC(just a few days ago to be exact as it was approved)and according to the devices manual, the OnePlus One seems to actually have support for microSD cards that are up to 32GB of storage size. Before we move onto the details, we’ll point out the obvious nature of why this would be awesome and comes as somewhat good news. That means with a 32GB microSD card inside, the 16GB model of the OnePlus One could be a 50GB model, and likewise the 64GB model could be a 96GB model. While there will be some people who likely don’t need all this storage space, I personally am not one of those people and am glad to seemingly have the opportunity to have more space. Also revealed by the FCC approval, is that the model that went through testing is compatible with LTE bands 4 and 17, which means it works with T-mobile and AT&T. Sadly, it seems that Sprint and Verizon users may not be able to get this phone to work with their network.

The sad part about all of this is that while the manual states that the phone has microSD card support as a listed feature, it appears that live models that have been reviewed and taken apart in a tear down do not have a microSD card slot, so it’s a possibility that they could be looking to either add it, or that the manual listing was a mistake, or even that OnePlus potentially even planned to add microSD card support initially and decided not to but never updated the manual. Whatever the case is we’ll keep you posted on any sort of changes in regards to the matter.