OmniROM Is Getting A Customizable Hotword Command Feature

ROM developers do some pretty cool things with the customizations to their devices, and often the very best of the best features are the ones that make their way to the loyal legions of fans who are running nightlies and eventually stable builds. There are plenty of popular ROMs out there but OmniROM is definitely one of the top ROMs to go for and it looks like the developers are giving would be users one more reason to at least give OmniROM a try if not make the switch completely. Before we go any further, let it be stated that this particular feature is not yet available to anyone in the community that uses this ROM. For now only the devs have a hold of it and are working their way through getting things fine tuned, but expect it to make an appearance in the nightly builds for OmniROM soon enough.

The new feature basically lets users set custom hotword commands that will allow your phone to respond by opening up defined applications or features upon hearing the set command. The "OK Google" hotword phrase that was featured with the Nexus 5 is where the devs at OmniROM have gotten their inspiration, but they completely expand upon it by making it possible to open virtually anything you wish as detailed in the video below. That brings me to my next point, that this particular feature may not be supported on other devices. For now it might be best to assume that it is a Nexus 5 feature only when it reaches the nightly builds of OmniROM.

Not only does the feature allow the user to launch specific apps by setting custom voice commands, but it allows for customizing the original "OK Google" hotword as well. Right now it's unclear what requirements if any there will be for this ROM feature to work, for example home launchers and devices, but all of that will be known in due time. Hopefully we'll see other ROM's attempt to implement something similar, as I myself use Paranoid Android but would love to have the use of customizable hotwords for opening apps. Any OmniROM users out there with a Nexus 5 looking forward to this?

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