Older Samsung Models Banned from Sale in the Netherlands thanks to Apple Injunction



The Apple v Samsung saga continues to roll on and now, Samsung is getting some bad news in Europe. However, we doubt that Samsung is too worried right now, but the recent verdict in a Dutch court could set a precedent for Samsung that could result in further headaches down the line. In the Netherlands, a number of Samsung devices have been banned from sale in the region due to what's become known as the bounce back patent. The European patent, No. EP2059868, essentially concerns the effect when having reached the top of a list or when trying to scroll beyond the last photo in the gallery.


Apple has been granted a fairly broad injunction against Samsung for use of this patent in devices running Android 2.2.1 or above, but the list of devices are fairly old. They include the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Ace among older devices, although the ban does state that it is "extended to all devices that similarly infringe", but Samsung has of course already made the relevant changes to their code in order to no longer infringe on said patent. Samsung lost the appeal in court, but we're pretty sure the damage done to Samsung is to be minimal after all, these are older devices and as long as none of their big sellers are affected, they'll be fine.

What could be a problem for Samsung however, is how Apple were even able to enforce such a patent in Europe. Historically, European courts have fallen in favor of Samsung in the past, but this latest verdict could mean that either Apple's legal team is getting better or that Samsung is to face rough seas outside of the US as well. As with many of the injunctions faced by Samsung in the past, we doubt this is going to make a dent in the company's bottom-line, but it could be a sign of bad news on the horizon for the Korean giant.

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