Nvidia Mocha Tablet Leaks Out With Tegra K1 Running the Show

Tegra K1 e1388985324354


If you’re familiar with Nvidia’s Tegra Note tablet which is available as different tablets all over the world, you’ll know that it was Nvidia’s way of promoting the Tegra 4 while also selling Android hardware as they do graphics cards. Since then however, Nvidia’s latest and greatest, the Tegra K1 has appeared a number of times around the web and looks set to be making its way into hardware very shortly. One piece of hardware could very well be one of Nvidia’s own, as a recent device dubbed the Mocha suggests.

A recent benchmark discovered by Liliputing reveals a tablet dubbed the “Nvidia Mocha” powered by the 192-core GPU monster that is the Tegra K1. If the graphics giant were to produce a new tablet like the Tegra Note, it’s pretty much a given that the Tegra K1 would be included, but what is interesting is that the the screen resolution is not only much higher than the Tegra Note but a different aspect ratio. The 7.9-inch display is listed with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, which some of our readers will know as the iPad Retina’s display resolution, which of course makes for a 4:3 ratio, rather than the 16:10 ratio of Android tablets. This is a strange move for Nvidia, which leads us to believe this is an internal test unit for the company. After all, most games for Android are designed to run in 16:9 or 16:10, not 4:3.

2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage look to be on board as well, both pretty standard features for a device like this. A device like this could be a sign that Nvidia is gearing up to launch higher-resolution devices and possibly a SHIELD 2 with a higher resolution than the 720p that launched on the original model last year. Still, its good to see the Tegra K1 tested by Nvidia a little more and it could mean we’ll be seeing hardware in the near future.