Notify! Is A Dashclock Style Widget That Displays Any Notifications On Your Homescreen

May 6, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

There are many ways to stay on top of your notifications on Android. You can use the newly released apk for Paranoid Androids Peek feature if you’re running an Android 4.4.2 device, but what if you want to display your notifications on your homescreen or your lockscreen at all times? There are more than a few options, with Dashclock being one of the most popular and it certainly has a good reason to be. It’s a great application with many great extensions to enhance its value. The issue lies in the extensions though. There aren’t extensions for every single app out there that sends you notifications.That’s where a widget called Notify! can come in handy.

Notify! will provide you with details on any incoming notifications that you have, regardless of what applications send them. You can also apply the Notify! widget to your homescreen as well as your lockscreen, so it can work very similarly to Dashclock but without the limits. It provides you the ability to customize things to just the way you want them. Upon first installing the widget you can set you preferences from opening the app version of the widget found in your app drawer, where you can change settings on the clock like whether or not to display it(it still shows up if there are no notifications to display), and the widget starts out blank if you place it the homescreen or lockscreen right away. This gives the user complete control over what apps display notifications and which ones don’t so nothing that you don’t want popping up in view shows up on the widget.

Notify! works fairly well although it is a bit buggy for now, but fixes for it should come soon enough we’d imagine. The apps category also has no rhyme or reason to it, so you kind of just have to scroll through the list and find the ones you want. Once you get things situated though the widget looks nice on screen which is in the end, the main thing isn’t it? If you actually want the clock to be displayed, Notify! does give you the option to change the font sizes for the time and the date, which is helpful if you want to size things down and make more room for the notifications. Notify! is free to download and install, and if you like what you see you can choose to upgrade to the pro version within the app which will set back U.S. users back about $1.07, for an additional layout design as well helping the devs support future enhancement. Having been on the free version since just this morning, it works decently and has plenty of potential.