These Nexus 6 Concepts Are A Beautiful Vision Of Another HTC Nexus Device

May 5, 2014 - Written By Justin Diaz

As we draw closer to the fall and the normal release time frame for Nexus devices, we’re bound to start seeing more Nexus 6 concepts pop up. Like this one that has surfaced today and was developed by a website in India called My Gadgetic. So far the last couple of Nexus phones have been manufactured by LG, and there have been rumors that they would be the company to take on the upcoming and speculated to be final Nexus device that is supposed to make its debut later in the year. Plenty of people have spoken out over social media however that they would love to see HTC make another Nexus device, or Sony, or even Motorola. While both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 have been great device all around, My Gadgetic feels that HTC is truly the right OEM for the job hence their use of HTC as the OEM for this concept render.

The renders actually look pretty good, and if the next Nexus was made by HTC and looked like this, we’d buy it without a doubt. Like most concepts, My Gadgetic had a vision for a Nexus 6 with some extremely thin bezels because why not. You can also see that they envisioned the device to have the same type of nexus branding down the back in a landscape angle, and since this is a concept of an HTC Nexus 6, the camera has been rightfully placed in the middle just as it sits on the back of the HTC One M7, with what looks like dual LED Flash below it. Their idea for this concept also sports a 5.7-inch Super LCD4 display, and utilizes a 12mp sensor camera for taking pictures, and would apparently be blowing us away with BoomSound speakers.

The kicker here would be their idea for the Nexus 6 to come powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 64-bit processor, and have 3GB of RAM. Now that would be some power. Those specs sound quite nice, but we have to remember that this is just a concept. Hopefully the real deal will have something close to this though. It’s should also be noted that they envision the front facing camera to be 5MP, because we wouldn’t want all those selfies to be terrible quality. The specs sound great, and the rendered images look amazing, My Gagdetic has even compared their render to a render they made of the MKBHD edition Nexus 5 from Marques Brownlee. What do you think of the renders? Are you hoping for a Nexus by HTC or some other OEM?