New LG G3 Pictures Show Removable Backplate and Battery, MicroSD Card Slot

May 23, 2014 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Last year when LG announced the G2 it surprised everyone by taking the power and volume buttons, which are usually located on the sides or top of the phone, and moved them to the back just under the camera.  This resulted in a more comfortable device given that the LG G2 sported a 5.2-inch screen and your finger generally rests right under the camera module anyway.  While some didn’t care for this change, it wasn’t a deal breaker for most and led LG to sell more phones than it ever had.  The only other major complaints about the G2 were the fact that it didn’t feature a removable back, battery or SD card slot, and it looks like LG has listened to its users and delivered just that with the LG G3.

With the back removed you can see a number of things that weren’t 100% clear before this shot.  Of course the biggest deal isn’t just that the back is removable, but the battery is as well, and you’ll be able to use a microSD card with the LG G3 too.  This will definitely find favor with the many users out there that just don’t want to give up their SD cards, and with the added SD card support in just about every major flagship now Google’s stance toward them might just change.  For now though let’s examine the individual elements here a little closer.  On the top right you can see the international model number for the LG G3, D855, and right under it is the dual-LED flash for the camera.  LG has also changed the way the buttons look and feel on the back of the device, with the power button being a larger circle metal button vs the wide sliver of a power button on the LG G2.  To the right of that is the microSD card slot, and below is the removable 3000 mAh battery.  Lastly but not least on the bottom left is the rather large 1 watt speaker, which isn’t quite Boomsound as found on an HTC One but is going to be considerably better than what’s found on the Galaxy S5 and many other competing devices.  All in all LG looks to have a winner with the G3, and it seems like they’ve been listening to consumers with nearly every aspect of the phone’s design.