Mozilla Is Adding Chromecast Streaming Support To Firefox Mobile Soon

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Firefox has long been one of the better browsers out there and had many people installing it as their main daily driver. Then Google’s Chrome browser came onto the scene and sped things up, and although some people might have expected Firefox to fall far behind, on the contrary they have done a pretty decent job at keeping up. While Google made headlines yet again back when they released the Chromecast and mentioned that there would be browser streaming capabilities, many people became just a little bit giddy(myself included)over the idea. The team at Mozilla who are the lovely creators of the once top browser Firefox, wasn’t going to let Google hog all of the spotlight. So, they announced last year that they would be supporting a similar streaming feature from their Firefox mobile browser that would allow for an individual to stream content via a Roku device, like say, the Roku 3500R streaming stick that came out recently.

Today we have some good news for those of you that have been long time Firefox advocates, it looks like Mozilla and Firefox are gearing up to support streaming content to Chromecast devices also. This opens up the floor to anyone who uses Firefox as their main browser but loves the Chromecast, to still have the ability to stream content. There are a few things to note with this new upcoming feature. Support is said to be ready by the end of the week, which could mean tomorrow if Mozilla is referring to the work week, but it could also mean Saturday or Sunday. The other thing worth mentioning is that while support will be ready soon, the feature still has to be tested by the team at Mozilla, so we likely won’t see the ability to stream content from Firefox mobile to the Chromecast for a little bit yet, but we do know that an update with this new feature is most likely imminent.

Once everything is all said and done, the next Firefox mobile browser update coming through to your device, should allow not only streaming to Roku devices, but Chromecast, and apparently another device called Netcast as well. With three streaming devices soon to have upcoming support, we have to wonder if Mozilla is looking to add streaming content support to other devices as well. Does anyone still use Firefox as their main browser mobile or desktop?