Motorola Moto X+1 Makes Another Appearance on the MotoMaker Website

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The Moto X+1 made another appearance today on the MotoMaker.com website, and it’s still there (for now) if you want to check it out for yourself.

The leaks and rumors about the Moto X+1 just won’t stop. We first heard about it through evleaks, and then we heard that the X+1 might have a new leather back option as well. It showed up on MotoMaker.com for a little bit, but was pulled. We’ve seen some references on a cached Motorola page that mentioned the leather backs coming in four different colors for the leather option. These options for the color of the leather include gray, blue, red, and black, but we don’t know the quality of the leather yet.

Now we’re seeing it again on their website, this time with a pretty clear “for AT&T” reference. There are also references to Verizon and Sprint, so now we’re getting information about some of the U.S. wireless carriers that could be selling the Moto X+1 in the near future. The three carriers we’re seeing are the same three that currently sell the Moto X. T-Mobile opted to pass on the device, although the unlocked GSM version will work on their network. While none of this in confirmed, it’s shaping up like the X+1 is going to be here sooner rather than later.

This page looks like a placeholder and probably won’t be available for much longer. The image on the page looks almost identical to the current Moto X, leading us to believe that the X+1 won’t be much different in looks from its predecessor. We’re probably looking just an upgrade to the internals, and maybe the screen and camera. Doing this would make it easy for Motorola to keep the current customization options through the MotoMaker website.

Motorola said that the new Moto X would be here by the end of the summer. The upcoming Motorola press event is going to be for the Moto E, but there’s an outside chance that they’ll announce the X+1 at that event also. That probably won’t happen, but with all of these leaks, anything is possible.

Can I also mention how much I hate that name? X+1. It’s the worst.