More Modern Combat 5 Details Reveal Unified Progression And Character Classes

A little over a week ago we brought you some new details on Gameloft's upcoming first person shooter from the Modern Combat franchise, Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It mostly revolved around some of the game's locations and included a juicy tidbit that at one point there would be a scenario in the game, where the the main character has to convince his team members to come to grips with something they might not like. We know the main characters name which is Phoenix, and we know some of the games locations like its beginning locale(Venice, Italy), and that at some point in the game you end up in Tokyo. Up until now that along with a couple artist graphics was all we had really seen or heard about the game, but today Gameloft is dropping some more information on us and we're here to give you the details.

These new details are in regards to some new features being introduced into the Modern Combat game series. Starting with Modern Combat 5, Gameloft is bringing in Character Classes and Unified Progression to the franchise. With previous Modern Combat titles, there has been a multiplayer aspect allowing gamers to enjoy on the go team deathmatch action along with other multiplayer game mode types, and Modern Combat 5 will be no different here. Unlike previous MC titles though this will be the first game in the series to feature a Unified progression system, meaning not only will your character progress through multiplayer, but through single player as well. When you play with your character in Modern Combat 5 whether it be in the campaign or in multiplayer, your character will level up, gain xp, and be able to unlock weapons and item upgrades that are usable in both modes. Playing single player missions will level your character and unlock weapons, and all of that progression is unified across multiplayer too. Pretty cool right?

The other new feature of course is character classes. Character classes are also somewhat unified across both modes. There will be four different character classes playable in both the single player campaign and in multiplayer, and as you play with those characters in either mode and level up, you will end up receiving skill points that you can use to unlock augments that are unique to each different class type. What's cool about the different character classes is that they're defined by the weapons that you equip them with, very similar to the way Square Enix's popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn does with it's class types. The four different character classes also obviously have different traits or attributes and will be able to use or equip different types of weapons. The Assault class type equips assault rifles and pistols and is aggressive, and is most effective at medium range combat. The Heavy class type is a resilient fighter so we can probably expect them to be able to take more damage. They also equip Shotguns and RPGs and are most effective with close and medium range combat. The recon class type is all about speed. They are best suited for exposing enemies and will be able to equip SMGs and pistols with the most effectiveness at close range. Lastly, players will have the choice to play as a Sniper combat class type. This one should be obvious as to what they do best. They have a strong efficiency with sharpshooting and sniping enemies from afar. They have a penchant for stealthiness, and can use sniper rifles and pistols, and can be effective with either long or close range combat. Gameloft promises that there are even more exciting details to come about this game, and we don't doubt it. The anticipation is building and with all these details beginning to come to light, we have a feeling that the games release is imminent.

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