Miniature M8 Could be Called "One Mini 2"


This year, HTC announced and subsequently launched – one the same day no less – a successor to the popular HTC One. We reviewed this successor and thought it to be an excellent device. One thing was more than a little confusing however is the naming convention used; HTC One (M8) doesn't roll off the tongue that easily now does it? As we've been hearing for quite some time now, HTC plans to release a Mini version of the M8, just as they did with last year's HTC One (now known as the M7). This is where you'll be thinking it'll be called the "M8 Mini" or something else that makes a lot of sense, but according to @evleaks, we'll be saying hello to the HTC One Mini 2 later on in the year.

It certainly sounds bizarre, but when you think about it, the "HTC One Two" would have made more sense, but then it'd look like HTC's marketing department is counting rather than naming a device. 'HTC One Mini 2' does sound a little better than 'HTC One (M8) Mini', but no matter what HTC does with their naming scheme here, we're pretty sure there's going to be some sort of confusion for consumers when they go out and buy a new HTC device. Still, on store shelves, we're assuming the buying public is smart enough to tell the difference between a phone with one camera on the back, and a phone with two cameras on the back.


That's exactly the route we see HTC taking with a mini version of the M8, bringing all the major features down into a smaller – more affordable – package that will appeal to those not looking for a large device or don't want to pay as much for one. We reviewed last year's One Mini and thought HTC had done a good job of bringing the key features from the One down to a smaller device. Thanks to the BoomSound speakers last year's "Mini" wasn't all that mini and it was only available on one carrier here in the US, hopefully HTC can work a long way to fixing both these wrongs.

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