Microsoft Working on Successor to the Nokia X?

May 20, 2014 - Written By Alexander Maxham

According to a recent report, Microsoft is going to stay in the Android smartphone game. Well they weren’t really in it to begin with, but when they acquired Nokia they jumped in head first. At Mobile World Congress in February, Nokia announced a few Android devices. These aren’t your typical Android smartphones because they run forked-Android as well as being super low-end. But it appears to be selling well enough for Nokia and Microsoft to be working on a second generation Nokia X lineup of smartphones.

Many of us thought that once Microsoft acquired Nokia that these Nokia X phones would go away forever, since Microsoft is Windows Phone and is a competitor to Android. So it’s a bit surprising to see Microsoft working on a next generation Nokia X device. Additionally, Microsoft is not giving up on Windows Phone, they are just using Android to sell their cheaper stuff. Think Asha smartphones, that’s what the Nokia X is replacing, and Android is great for stuff like that. Especially when it’s forked.

So far little is known about the new Nokia X, but we do know that it’ll be a bit more pricey than the dirt-cheap Android phones out there, but lower than the entry-level Lumia smartphones that the company already has available. The Nokia X has sold pretty well in Asia and other countries. Although it’s not available here in the US, I wouldn’t expect it to do well at all. Especially with phones like the Moto E and the Moto G being sold here. Which are amazing devices for their pricing. In China, the Nokia X had gotten over a million pre-orders in one day. Which is great news for both Nokia and Microsoft, and is probably a big reason why Microsoft is keeping with the Nokia X line going forward.