LG's G3 Could be Priced Higher than the Galaxy S5 due to QHD Display



LG's G3 is to be announced towards the end of this month, but it almost feels as if LG needn't bother as we've heard pretty much all there is to say. Of course, there are still some specifics we need to get details on, like the pricing of the device and release dates. What's shaping up to be the best-specced device of 2014 is certainly going to be a big launch of the company and should give Samsung something to worry about. No matter how good a device the G3 ends up being when it launches however, it's never easy to go up against Samsung's incredible marketing and brand presence.


On paper, it already seems like the G3 has the Galaxy S5 beaten, what with a larger screen with a similar footprint and a much higher resolution, and even some more RAM. Pricing is what will drive the general consumer to their devices and if the latest news out of Korea is to be believed, then the G3 is going to cost more than the Galaxy S5 when it launches. According to ZDNet Korea, an industry official has quoted a price tag of 920,000 Won for the G3, which is just shy of $900, making it 60,000 Won (or $60) more expensive than the Galaxy S5 in Korea.

Of course, those prices are just conversions, but that's quite a gap between the two devices. Here in the US, this could translate to the Galaxy S5 at $199.99 and the LG G3 at $249.99 on contract. Still, if the device really does come with a lot more than the Galaxy S5, then it might not be too much of a hard sell. With the Galaxy S5, the HTC One (M8) and the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 LG's main competition, they're in a tricky situation. They have to create a powerful device to compete with a lot of major smartphones, while also keeping the price at a fairly level amount. How much would you pay for the G3?

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