LG's G3 to Come in Two Variants; Give Users the Choice of 3GB or 2GB of RAM?


LG seems to be having a pretty hard time keeping the lid on the details surrounding their upcoming G3 smartphone and it's leaked out a number of times already, with some fresh photos being leaked out just today. Unsurprisingly, the flood just keeps on coming and now some more information on specs – along with another look at the device – have leaked out, hinting that there could be two variants of the G3, giving users a choice on which version they want. With less than a month to go, it's interesting that details like these are coming out so close to the launch.

According to a source of GSMArena's, the G3 is to feature a 5.5-inch, 2560 x 1440 display, a 3,000 mAh battery, a 13-megapixel camera featuring OIS+ and a speaker that's said to deliver 1W of sound, further building on the audio capabilities they put into last year's G2. Where things get a little confusing however, is the idea that the G3 will be available in either a 32GB variant with 3GB of RAM, or a 16GB version with 2GB of RAM. There was also no word on whether or not we would be seeing a Snapdragon 801 or 805 running the show.


The clearer photo gives us another look at the white version of the G3, and yet another look at those rear buttons. It's interesting to hear that there could be two variants of the G3, after all it raises questions as to how LG will go about selling these. Will it be an extra $50 for an extra gigabyte of RAM, a hundred? We can't really see the US carriers wanting to risk the possibility of confusing customers by selling two versions of the same devie that potentially differ greatly in performance. Besides, while Samsung shipped "just" 2GB of RAM in the Galaxy S5, Sony managed to slip in 3GB of RAM into the Xperia Z2, so why not just stick with 3GB? Perhaps raising more questions than it answers, the news that there's going to be two variants is something we'd take with a pinch of salt.


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