LG UK Lists the G3 with 2GB of RAM, Said to Support 2TB microSD Card Expansion



LG's G3 has perhaps been their worst kept secret of 2014, and we now know pretty much everything there is to know about the device and even though we're only a day or so away from the official launch of the device, there's still time left for some interesting details to trickle out. This time around, the info is coming from across the pond, from LG's own UK site and well, it confuses things a little bit.


We're all familiar with Android smartphones and their ability to expand their storage, with 32GB being the common maximum most devices support. Recently though, we've seen more devices take up to 64GB microSD cards and even 128GB cards, but LG's UK site is listing support for microSD cards up to 2TB in size, which well, don't currently exist. We're sure that this is more than likely a typo and that the G3 will support cards up to 128GB in size with no problems at all. While this innocent typo is more a curiosity than anything else, there's another figure listed on the UK site that has us genuinely scratching our heads.

Whenever we've hears about the G3, we've been hearing of 3GB of RAM included, but the UK site is listing the device with 'just' 2GB of RAM, which is still a healthy amount, but not as impressive as the larger 3GB figure, by no means. The G3 that was not-so-secretly announced in South Korea recently was announced to the press with 3GB of RAM onboard, which has us thinking that LG might be targeting different devices to different regions. We hope that this isn't the case, as the G3 has been shaping up to be a great device for a long time now. However, this wouldn't be the first time that someone like LG has offered their home market a better version of their flagship device. We'll have all the info on the G3 tomorrow, so stay tuned and we'll find everything out for certain.

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