LG Supposedly Launching the G Flex 2 in Q1-2015

LG G Flex T Mobile AH Review 04

This morning, word came from Evleaks that we are looking at a new LG G Flex coming out in the middle of Q1 next year. Which means we may see it around Mobile World Congress next year, as that’s about half way through the first quarter, and CES is too early. Unless of course, LG decides to do their own event for the LG G Flex 2. Evleaks also stated that LG will launch the device “with a feature even more unique than self-healing plastic.” Now that definitely caught my attention. While many of us thought that the self-healing back was a gimmick – and still kind of is as it doesn’t work 100% – I was looking forward to seeing how well it worked in a second generation product.

Now there was a rumor last year, that the LG G Flex 2 would have a rubber chassis, which would allow the device to bend up to 90-degrees. Which would be pretty awesome, although I wouldn’t recommend it. But it’d be great for those that might be a bit clumsy. It would hopefully protect your device a bit more. But as always, a case works wonders, especially an Otterbox.

The LG G Flex was said to be one of the more underrated smartphones in recent memory, along with the LG G2. Both have been great devices in their own right, but don’t get as much attention as smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Motorola and even Sony. I’m thinking that’s going to change this year. Especially with the LG G3, which so far according to the leaks is looking like it’s going to be a pretty amazing looking device, with beastly hardware. But as far as the LG G Flex 2 goes, we’ll have to wait til next year to see what LG has up their sleeve. Anyone interested in the LG G Flex 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.