LG to Show Off 6-inch QHD Panel, Says the Sky's the Limit for PPI



Earlier this week, LG finally took the wraps off of the G3, a 5.5-inch QHD goliath with a pixel density of 538 pixels per inch. While it wasn't the first device to launch with a QHD panel, it's certainly one of the first devices to launch in the West with such a high pixel density. Of course, there's more to the G3 than that amazing display, but display technology is something LG has gotten very good at, and their subsidiary, LG Display, has more than the G3's 5.5-inch panel to show off to the world.


In an interview on LG Display's blog – which is Korean, so we're relying on machine translation – the team behind the 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 panel on the G3 spoke a little about the process behind creating the display as well as what's next for displays. During the announcement of the G3 in London, a big point was made about the human eye being very much capable of discerning above 300 or so ppi and this theme continues throughout the interview on LG Display's blog. Talking about different ages and how their eye-sights differ the head of LG Display said that the younger generation could easily tell the difference between a dense display and one that wasn't so dense. He goes on to say that displays will of course reach 600 and 700 ppi in the future, as this is where display technology is headed.

Not only that, but LG Display is about to show off a 6-inch QHD display panel at the SID Expo in San Francisco, which we're sure could end up in future large screen devices from LG themselves. We're not expecting this display to be featured in the G Flex 2 however, as plastic OLED displays are a whole lot different from your average LCD. It's nice to hear that LG is still going to  improve on their displays, but we're sure that there will be many skeptics out there that don't believe in the need of displays beyond 1080p, but we'll be welcoming any way of getting better displays in our pockets.

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